Edited to add shout out to The Borrowed Abode.

Happy Friday everyone!

First of all let me welcome my new followers (there really needs to be a better word) who have found me from my link ups to many, many awesome blogs. I’m working on a blog roll on the page so you can see where I like to go when I’m reading all the blogs I love. The list grows daily. I’m so glad you’re here and hope you’ll stick around. I’m trying to get caught up this week and if you left me a link or a comment, I’m checking out and commenting at your place slowly. I’m so excited you’re here! Each new person to connect with me as been such an exciting experience. Can’t wait to get to know you all!

I’d also like to add a special shout out to Jane over at The Borrowed Abode for mentioning my earlier post about decorating with trays in her blog today. I feel so honored! 🙂 If you’ve found me via Jane, welcome!

Speaking of catching up, I spent all day today trying to catch up on laundry and cleaning. I’m usually pretty organized about this but I had a million errands to run this week and appointments to attend to and just got painfully behind.

While I was cleaning, I noticed something odd has happened at the Scrappy house. Our home is being invaded. It is being invaded by electronics chargers. I. kid. you. not. Take a look at this:

In the dining room:

My phone charger in the living room on the right side of the TV:
My iPad AND my old cell phone charger on the left side of the TV.

The Hubs’ Nook charger:
Hubby’s cell phone charger in the bedroom:
After I was done taking pictures I found two more in the bathroom alone. I’m a little afraid…help me!
I know I need to find a way to corral all of these things in a pretty and organized way, just haven’t yet. Any suggestions for cheap and easy storage?

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  1. So, there are not thumbnails, just the link to their site. Just click the name (it should be their blog name). I figured since its not really a project based linky party, we dont really need the thumbnails.
    I am so glad your joining the party.

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