Wow! First of all let me thank everyone for the sweet comments about my Dollar Tree frames. They are still standing and attached to the fridge and they work so well for us. Even hubby likes them. Not bad for a buck!

I’d also like to welcome the new friends who have decided to add me to their list of daily reads and follow this blog. I seriously giggle a little with each new follower (I really need to come up with a better name for that). If you’ve joined and feel comfortable sharing, I’d love to know how you found my blog. So many of the sites I link to have been so supportive and I’d like to thank them properly. I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy what you read.

And now on to what I’ve been up to. Last weekend The Hubs and I celebrated our first anniversary. We ate dinner at a really nice local restaurant and as I turned the corner heading to our table I noticed these:

He’d ordered them and had them delivered to the restaurant as a surprise! I didn’t even know you could do that! Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture. That’s not even the pretty side. There are a ton of cute tiny roses on the other side. I’m lucky to have that man I tell ya…

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of taking my first ever sewing class at Joann’s. It was the Sewing 101 class and boy was it worth the money. I use to sew with my mom when I was a teenager and knew some of what the class covered, but since my mom passed away I thought it would be a nice refresher for me and teach me a few new skills and I was right! Sewing 101 (according to their brochure) covers “introduction to pattern reading, sewing machine tools and basics, and seams and interfacings”.

Let me tell ya, I have a love hate relationship with my Singer. I can sew some and I can generally follow a pattern, but I certainly need to learn and that machine does not help one bit. It’s a good machine; perfect for someone like me – read: not a seamstress, but it has a tricky, tricky bobbin and from what I learned not the “desired” one either. (She didn’t have to tell me that, after one 3 hour session of trying to load the thing a few months ago, I had a hint…)

Thanks to Jamie, I now know a better way to load my bobbin and it’s taken a lot of time out of setting things up. It was worth it just for that.

I also had the opportunity to make a pillowcase as the “class project” and I gotta tell ya…I’ve never been so excited about a pillow case. 😉 I could sew a straight line before, but now I can accurately do it and keep things a bit straighter and with the right seam allowance – before I’d just eyeball it.

Here’s my pillowcase:

And here’s a close up of the edge:
The class cost me $35.00 plus the cost of supplies (fabric and thread, I had everything else), but I was so pleased. I am also signed up for Sewing 102 which continues to build on using a pattern to make a throw pillow. I can’t wait! While there I met Danielle who has now decided to follow my blog! She herself is into all things crafty/vintage and I’m interested to speak with her more! Hi Danielle!
DISCLAIMER: I wrote singing the praises of Sewing 101 at Joann’s Fabrics because I really enjoyed it at my local store. I have not been asked to write about my experience and I doubt anyone at Joann’s realizes I exist. Your mileage may vary at your local store. Also: I think I’m slowly becoming a fabric junkie. I keep buying a yard of this and a yard of that. help!

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