Christmas trees around here are pretty serious business. It goes beyond mere tradition. It’s sacred. There’s back story here. Before my mom died in 2007, we would spend months (I do not lie) every year planning our theme. Some years it was elegant, sometimes whimsical, but always special. I have pictures of many of those trees. I cherish the memories of decorating the tree with my mom and I honor our tradition by still taking months to conceptualize our tree. I’m already working on next year’s. Really.

This year was no exception. I wanted something timeless, elegant, harkening back to the Victorian era. Actually, the Victorian thing was hubby’s. I might bring him over to the dark side yet. 😉

Anyway, let’s take a look at our tree. I’ll warn you it’s small – all our apartment can hold. And it literally cost us $20 at Target our first Christmas. Top of the line it isn’t, but it’s special none the less and I Do what I can to make it a little fuller and brighter.

Our tree in subtle pink, chocolate brown and gold:

Some of my favorite ornaments:

Our angel tree topper (that came from the trees mom and I did together):

Our mysterious glass angel ornament (I’ll explain later):

And last, but not least, my homemade clip on poinsettias! (You can see how I made those here)

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of our tree. Merry Christmas!

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