Hey y’all! I was surprised at the amount of feedback I got on my little Smash Book Pocket tutorial (you can see that post HERE) so I thought I’d do another fun, quick Smash Book accessory for you. This time we’re talking tabs.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Scrap paper/cardstock from your stash
A corner punch of your choice
Tape runner or glue
Paper cutter

And here’s what you’ll do:

First, cut your cardstock down to 2 inches by 2 inches

It’ll look like this:

Then fold your square in half like this:
Punch the folded corners:
Add some tape or glue to your fold (optional) and each end of the tab:
Pick a spot and add your tab! You just press it down around the edge of your page:
My tab is just nestled in there and not taped down yet. I want to make sure I pick just the right spot. That’s my biggest problem with using the Smash Book…just letting things flow! I’m somewhat a total perfectionist! 
Anywho, I hope you’ll try it! Happy Saturday!
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