Hey y’all. Sorry it’s kind of quiet around here. Hubby and I are pushing hard to get this move done, but we are painfully behind and it’s starting to wear on us big time. As I type this, it’s about one in the morning on Saturday and we’re scheduled to move in eleven hours. Right now, The Hubs is taking an hour or so (I’ll probably let him sleep a bit longer than that) nap while I continue to pack and then we’ll switch. I’m afraid if we both sleep we may not get it all done or we’ll sleep too long.

Anyway, next week is filled with wonderful guest posts from several fabulous ladies with fantastic blogs, while I unpack boxes and clean…and clean…and clean. I cannot unsee the things I have seen in our new house. Let’s just leave it at that. Have a great weekend and I will see you on the flip side. Thanks for being patient while we move.



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