Today, because it’s Saturday, because I love ya and because I know you want more savings secrets, I have a free gift – a printable just for you!
I have created a month by month list of when to buy specific products. Each month I highlight what will most likely be on discount. Keep in mind that this list is not all encompassing, but hits all of the most common sales each month. 
A few notes:
  1. We will cover seasonal produce and fresh items in more depth later this month.
  2. Some categories, such as baking supplies, may overlap several months depending on your store.
  3. Some items, like BBQ supplies will likely be on sale throughout the summer, rather than during a specific month – so you may see it listed more than once on the printable. 
  4. This is just a guideline to help you be more aware of when sales occur and to help you keep an eye out at your own store.


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