Today I wanted to take a quick break from the tips to give you a better picture of how I shop. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t make huge trips to the store and that I stockpile product until the next sale cycle, but up until now I haven’t shown you what my trips actually look like. I thought it might help if you have a visual.

Here’s a picture of the stuff I bought on my Target run last weekend:

Not pictured: One E.l.f. nail polish that was on clearance.

I bought:

  • 4 bottles of Olay Body Wash
  • 4 small bags of Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky (our dog has a slight addiction)
  • 3 bottles of Simple face wash
  • 1 e.l.f emory board
  • 1 e.l.f. Python edition nail polish
Now, in all honesty this wasn’t a fantastic trip percentage wise (31% – the sales here have been kind of mediocre), but I was good on hitting my target price on the bath gel and I got two of those bags of dog treats for free.

How’d I score those free treats? Target is running a special promotion on Milo’s Kitchen treats buy three, get one free. I grabbed four bags so I could get one free and I had three $1 off any ONE Milo’s Kitchen product coupons. Since each package was $2.99, my three coupons for a dollar off each package covered the cost of one whole pack. Great deal!

Now remember, it may seem silly to buy multiples of an item, but those 4 bath gels will last at least 3 months. (I tracked early on how long they last us; one is about a month’s worth give or take). That’s plenty of time to look for another sale and get more coupons.

I talked about the face wash in my last post. While they weren’t on sale, I had great $2.00 off coupons for each one and one bottle is about a six month supply. I won’t need to buy face wash for over a year unless I find a great sale and score more of those awesome coupons. As an added bonus, I’m saving money by not buying the higher end (more expensive) product I’ve bought in the past.

We’ll talk more about stockpiling sensibly in the next few days – but seriously, you don’t need entire rooms dedicated to your store of supplies. All of that will fit under my bathroom sink and I won’t buy more unless I can get a really, really great deal on it. My living room is full of living, not a thousand bottles of sports drink. Your stockpile doesn’t have to take over your house! 


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