Hey guys! If you follow me at all on Facebook you’ve heard me mention “the scariest room in our house” several times in the last week or so. Well, now I’m ready to show you.

At the base of our basement stairs, we have a small storage “room” that’s basically just concrete floors, a bare bulb and roughed in walls. It’s dark in there. Bugs like being in there. I hate going in there. I make hubby do it. No lie. Here are a few pics I snapped of the “before”:

The view from the door. You can see a nice collection of wire hangers left by the former owner.
We don’t know why.

The middle of the room. Floor cluttered with tools, anti-freeze, and paint.

The shelves to the left. Actually, these aren’t such bad shelves. Not the most well-constructed, but they’ll do to store  plenty. We’re already discussing replacing them with something else. You might notice mothballs, glass from picture frames, paint (a lot of which was left by the former homeowner). Oh and in the top right of the picture you can see a large paper bag that was *full* of plastic bags. Also left by the former homeowner. She left us a lot. Including used toothbrushes in the storage room AND every bathroom. No lie.

I’ll spare you the traps the exterminator put down that had a myriad of large and creepy spiders stuck to them. Really. 

But here’s the thing. After months of having tools and hardware strewn from here to yon in this house, I told hubby we needed to upgrade our little storage area and make it a functional place to actually, you know, store stuff. How odd. 😉

I’ll be back tomorrow to share more progress and some “During” photos. That’s right, we’re not totally done. We are however, at the fun part (well, OK, fun for me, I get to organize everything). 

Do you have a “scary” space in your house? 


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