I’m sure that if I asked folks in a big city what the drawbacks are to living in a smaller town, they could give me quite a long list. I grew up in a big city. I never even considered leaving it! But then, well … love happened and here I am. 😉 

Over time, I’ve grown to love this little city of mine and I thought I would begin to share with you some of the reasons why and give you an inside look at where I live. 
One of the best parts about our town is that we have an actual downtown area that has restaurants and shops. We don’t have high rises or gigantic municipal buildings (we have them, they’re just quite a bit smaller). We have a community spot where people shop in small, local businesses and eat in local (not chain) restaurants. It’s awesome. And all year long a downtown partnership hosts a little monthly downtown festival called First Saturday, the first Saturday of every month from 5 – 9 PM.   
Each month has a theme and February is always Fire and Ice. Fire and Ice is far and away my favorite month. The streets are decked out in ice sculptures and there are stations for making your own s’mores. Last Saturday hubby and I headed out to take a look see and poke around some of the shops (the local stores stay open later on First Saturday and often serve FREE beverages – we had a lovely glass of wine and some hot tea during our outing and we popped into the local candy shop for some gourmet chocolates). Sure it was 20 degrees out and snowing, but you can’t have ice sculptures in July now can ya? 😉 
Take a look:  
Ice sculpture games for the kiddos.

Live ice sculpting! It was neat to watch.

Shamrocks outside one of our Irish pubs.

S’mores anyone?

Nothing like a tall glass of wine! 

I’ll be sharing more of our town in the coming months. What do you love about where you live?


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