Hey y’all, as promised I’m back with an update on our new “home cloffice” as I’m calling it. Over the weekend I cleared out the clutter from the closet (I’ll spare you the rest of the room…sigh) and organized all of our extra computer cables and back up parts…yes, we have back ups…and today I spent the afternoon giving the closet it’s first big dose of love. Paint!

Since we’re on a tight budget to make this happen, my original plan was to buy a quart of mis-tinted paint from Lowes or Home Depot. The snow kind of made getting out difficult. We did finally make it to Lowes when we could venture out (mainly to buy ice melt) but the only quart of paint on their mis-tint rack that I liked wouldn’t have been something I would’ve been pleased with in the long run. Instead, I decided to use what we already had left over from our basement reno. The shade is Bungalow Beige from the Behr Home Decorators Arts & Crafts line in semi-gloss. 
I didn’t even bother to remove the shelf. I just taped around the supports and carefully, oh so carefully, cut in around it with a brush. It probably would’ve been easier to remove it, but I’m lazy. 😉
Now let’s take a look at the rest of the plan:

When I said the closet was a weird shape, I meant it. You can see all those awesome angles in the picture above. The dashed lines represent the closet opening. All that space to the right is really inconvenient. It’s deep, which would probably be fine if we were using it as a closet for clothes, but we’re being difficult. 😉 In our case it just equals a black hole. But I have a plan! We’re building in a desk top that’s going to go from wall to wall to wall. That will give us a nice big surface and nothing will fall down behind it or beside it. 

Underneath the desk top, we plan on adding at least one, hopefully two, shelves. I’d like to add a shelf above the desk but I haven’t decided yet. 
Here’s the rest of the plan:
  • Camouflage the wire shelving to make it look more decorative and less “closet”.
  • Add storage on the wall above the desk top for desk accessories like pens and paper clips. 
  • Find a new desk chair that won’t break the bank 
  • Remove the doors and add curtains to close the space off (one of the doors doesn’t even work so I’m fine with this)
  • Organize and fill it up! 
I’ll be back on Friday with another update! Tomorrow I’ll have some fun Christmas ideas. What do you think so far? 
If you like the room planner I used for the floor plan, you can find it here from Gifts We Use blog. 


    • Christina Reply

      It worked wonderfully! If I’m honest, I have a small obsession with office supplies myself…especially pens! 😉

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