Y’all! Go to Target right now. No wait! Read this first and then check out the pics below.

I swear I never get lucky and get to Target just as they’ve finished stocking the One Spot (I can’t get used to calling it that, I still think of it as Dollar Spot, but whatever), but last week BOY did I get lucky! They had some super cute Halloween and basic crafting supplies and I. Could. Not. Help. Myself. It’s so easy to over spend in Tar-jaaaaaaaaay, but man, I seriously couldn’t resist. Take a look!

Alphabet stickers
The scrapbooker in me *may* have swooned…just a little bit. 😉
Burlap Table Runner
Burlap table runners! With a serged edge to help prevent fraying! $3 each? I’ll take three please.
Chalkboard Markers
I’m not going to lie, I thought these would be total crap, but no friends, no. They are awesome! (I may have bought back ups…)
Chalkboard Plaques
I’m pretty sure these are meant to hang around wine bottles, but I don’t think I’ll use them that way.
Felt Garlands
Check out these cutie felt garlands! How could I pass up those owls??
Giant Googly Eyes
Giant *glow-in-the-dark* googly eyes? Oh I have such a fun project in mind for these.
Halloween Signs
These were too funny to pass up. I love the “Eat Locals” one especially.
Jar Lids
These were neat. You screw them onto a mason jar and they become a “frog” for floral arranging. One is black and the other silver, but I can see spray painting these too some day.
LED Glitter Tea Lights
OK you’re going to think I’m crazy, but I swear the Target One Spot LED Tea Lights are the best I’ve found. Seriously.
Milk Bottles and Glass Jars
I loved these mason jars and milk bottles. They will be perfect for centerpieces!
Spider Web Table Runner
I *cannot* wait to tablescape with this.

OK now you can run to Target. And I mean it, RUN! This stuff doesn’t stick around long. 😉 Happy Monday friends.


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