As part of my journey with One Little Word this year, I’m constantly looking for ways to simplify my life, and frankly, I could do so much more. Life with a growing business, two very energetic puppies, a blog and of course, most importantly, my sweet husband is often beyond my ability to balance.

This year, I’ve tried to set goals monthly rather than setting resolutions. It’s actually helped me get a few things done around here. But after our first month with our puppies, our house is a mess, I’m a mess, hubby is a mess. Things are nuts around here and I just can’t focus on simplifying. (I’m lucky to focus on a shower and clean laundry.) So I’m trying to accept some help in the form of The Homekeeping Society from Clean Mama.

Basically, it’s a monthly subscription program to help you get organized and make progress around your home. Frankly, I could have used this when we moved in a few years ago. Going from a small 2 bedroom apartment to our huge 4 bedroom townhome I just couldn’t seem to figure out how to maintain it – and I still struggle with it on a daily basis.

I think that’s why I love The Homekeeping Society so much. Becky aka Clean Mama sets it all up for you – the daily chores, the weekly and monthly rotating tasks, and the month has a specific area of focus. For this month it’s the kitchen and I amĀ lovingĀ it. You even get to set some of your own goals for the target room/area of the house.

Here’s mine:

Homekeeping Society November

It’s really keeping me motivated and gives me one less thing to plan or think about because it’s already done for me! As you can see, I’ve already marked some items off of my list!

You can find out more about The Homekeeping Society over at Becky’s site


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