Christina Leaman


B+ Goals May 2016

I think it’s kind of appropriate that it’s Mental Health Awareness month and I’ve decided to hop back into the writing fray. Writing – not blogging – a distinction I’ll make in another post soon, but I digress. Y’all, I’m a hot mess. Depression saps all motivation that I have some days and the other days I’m so focused on doing everything for everyone else (something I’m working on). It’s…well, it’s a mess. As I said. 😉 Anyway, I’ve been wanting to participate in this B+ Goals thing for awhile. Have you read Sarah R. Bagley’s blog? Y’all I want to be her when I grow up. (And she’s younger than me! So frustrating…kidding!) She has this philosophy that as a recovering perfectionist “done is better than perfect”. Some days – ok most days – I need that reminder. Each month she sets a list of goals that are considered…