Simple Monthly Goals


Simplified Goals for June

Ya ever just have a week (or two) where you’re so busy with life that things are kind of trucking along and you have no real concept of time? Yeah, that’s what happened to me. The good news is that I have a lot to share with you – fun stuff! Useful stuff! The bad news? I’m behind around here. 😉 Ah it never ends. Oh well. Let’s get back on track. If you recall at the beginning of the year I was giving up resolutions and instead setting easy goals for myself each month. It’s honestly worked quite well, even if I missed posting here about it while I was rebuilding the site. This month, I realized that we needed to look back and see what isn’t completely done. Life happens, ya know? Nothing wrong with taking some time to finish up a few things before setting new goals. So,…

Simplified Goals for February 2014

A new month means a new set of simple monthly goals here in the Scrappy household. Here’s what I have on tap for this month: Start planning our landscaping and gardening projects for the year.Spruce up the upstairs guest bathroom.Organize my jewelry box.Continue working on our filing cabinet and important papers.I’m lagging, even getting this post up (!!), but I have time. Lots of it given the stupid amounts of snow we’re waiting on as I type this. Anyone else ready for spring?And as always, I’ll be blogging about my progress. I’m thinking I’ll tackle the jewelry box tomorrow while it snows (and snows and snows…).How are your resolutions or goals progressing? Let me know in the comments below. I love hearing from you. 🙂

Simple Goal Setting in 2014

So, I know in terms of the blog world, I’m kind of behind the times in setting goals for a new year and sharing that with you, but I think that fits me pretty well. I’m different. I try really hard to be like everyone else but each time I completely fail at it, I’m reminded that I’m not everyone else. Even when it comes to how I’m setting goals this year.If you’re anything like the average girl, you might set goals or resolutions. Maybe something like, “lose weight” or “quit smoking” or “be more organized”. Sound familiar? Y’all, every year for as long as I can remember I’ve tried that and failed…miserably. Are you with me?This year I’m trying something different. I know I’ve said this before but since being diagnosed with chronic depression and anxiety, I just can’t make big sweeping goals or resolutions. And when I do, life…