An Update of Sorts

So I’ve been MIA for awhile. I really want to blog. I’m just stuck in a slump.Let me say this so I am clear. I love that my primary job in life is housewifing. No really. I do love it. Actually the idea of taking on a full time job again any time soon gives me the heebie-jeebies. And lately, with summer vacation the prospect of having to take on a “real” full time job is a real one. My tutoring schedule has been greatly reduced and so has my income. If things don’t pick up, me having to work is a real possibility. One I’m not really excited about.Add to that a serious bout of self-doubt and self-pity on my part and you have the major reason I haven’t updated since June 3rd.I love housewifing, but I’m burned out and depressed. I have this tendency to want everything “just so” and in…

My Trip to the Old Lucketts Store Spring Market

Last weekend, The Hubs was gracious enough to schlep me 45 minutes south to the 12th Annual Lucketts Spring Market at The Old Lucketts Store. Let me just tell you, if you live anywhere near Leesburg, Virginia – go. Go now actually. I can wait. It. Was. Awesome. This event is annual with many dealers from around the country, but The Old Lucketts Store is open and chock full of goodies every day! If you like anything that’s vintage, chic, or quirky you really need to make a trip. On top of the neat stuff in the store, it’s also “home” to a really talented (and gracious) blogger The Graphics Fairy aka Karen. I spoke with her briefly and basically gushed over how much I love her blog and all the cool vintage graphics she shares daily for FREE. Check her out here: The Graphics FairyFor those of you that can’t make…

Quick Memory Jar

This was a really quick and really cheap idea I had after our vacation to Florida in April. I had spent the day with my best friend and her kids at the beach and wanted some way to save the shells and display them without spending a lot of money or having to dust individual shells every week. Here’s what I came up with:A quick little shell/photo memory jar!Step 1: Supplies – You’ll need the pictures you want to use (I printed mine on regular printer paper), the shells you want to use, a circle cutter of some kind (I used the Fiskars circle template and shape cutter), a small jar, some scrap scrapbook paper, ribbon and some scissors.Here’s the jar I used:I picked mine up for $1.97 at Wal-mart.Step 2: Cut out the pictures and your scrap paper to the size you desire.Here’s what you’ll have when you’re done cutting.Step…

Quick Salt and Pepper Set and a Tablescape

So yesterday I showed you how I did a little DIY refurb on my new to me dining room table set and mentioned that yes, I really do set my table this way. My mother always had an impeccable table and to me a table feels naked without some dressing. I thought I’d take a minute today and share what I did to dress out my table. First of all, I have an obsession with Williams Sonoma Outlet. Please note I said outlet. They have killer sales and are far more in line with my budget than the regular store. I don’t even mind driving making my husband drive the 45 minutes it takes to get to one. I’m even on their e-mail list and once in awhile they send out 10% off of your purchase coupons. Love that. So a look at the tablescape again (click to enlarge):And a breakdown:1. Mustard…

Mid Mod Love

Check out my new dining table. 😉 The hubs and I stumbled across this beauty this past weekend and while it needs a little love (not too much, but the zebra/tiger faux fur is so gone ASAP)…I was able to negotiate a FANTASTIC price for the table, all six chairs and the leaf. Oh and did I mention it’s an original 1961 Drexel? Yeah…I am so stinkin’ excited y’all!

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Blog

Hey guys,I want to apologize for not being around the last few days. Life swooped in and knocked me on my butt. There are reasons for that, and I might share them at a later date, but for now I’ll just say I’m sorry and move forward.I’ll be back tomorrow with Tune in Tuesday – Wednesday Edition as well as announcing our GIVEAWAY!Thanks for being patient.Christina aka The Scrappy Housewife

Hey Baby Cakes!

Last Friday, I put together a baby shower gift for some of our dear friends Chris and Jeneane in honor of their first baby. I absolutely love the opportunity to let my creativity shine when creating unique gifts for friends and this baby shower was no exception.I’m sure we’ve all seen diaper cakes at showers, but I thought I would do a quick tutorial showing you how to construct the bulk of it (the hardest part) so you can get creative during your decorating too!First off, gather all your supplies (this is the fun part! Shopping!). I opted for three packages of diapers, 150 in total. I used baby socks, scratch mittens, pacifiers, washcloths and onesies for decoration as well as some travel sized baby supplies. You’ll need to make sure you purchase some sort of cake board or foam core to put your cake on and act as the…

Day 3 Abbreviated

Hey y’all. I’m not posting pics today because I got ambitious and decided to start an entire album…yes, really. I found the me & my BIG ideas Off to School Specialty Cardstock stack (I’m looking for an image) at Michael’s last week. It is perfect to just pull the cardstock, place in album and add some pictures and embellishments. So what I’ve done today is just that. I’ve started working on albums for my DH and I. We have a ton of old pictures and I’ve been meaning to start scrapbooks for them so this stack was perfect!I’ll show off a couple of layouts tomorrow! :)Anyone out there with me? How’s it going so far?

100 Scraps Challenge Is On!

If you’re interested and want to participate or just offer encouragement to those of us taking the challenge:Click Here To Be Taken To The Challenge Site!You can also find more information under the tab at the top of the page. I’m going to try my best not to spam you guys too much over here because I know some of you don’t scrapbook and I want this blog to remain as it is for y’all. I will add highlights from the Challenge here and there and feature some of the participants here too though. Keep an eye out!Also, coming up this week here at The Scrappy Housewife:Our First Giveaway!!! (I’m so excited about this!)A New Weekly Feature!Stay Tuned. 🙂