Valentine’s Day


Easy Valentine’s Day Garland

I don’t know about y’all but when I wander around craft stores (who am I kidding, stores in general) I find awesome seasonal decor ideas but then cringe at the price point. Maybe I’m just cheap? This year was no different. I found a really cute scrappy fabric garland for Valentine’s Day at Michaels, but I didn’t want to use my hard earned scrapbooking money (*ahem*) on extra decor for the house. Priorities people! Then I realized I had a TON of pink, red and white scrap fabric, ribbon, felt and left over twine stashed in my craft room. I could just make one! For FREE! And it’s super simple guys. Promise. I just grabbed my scrap fabric, ribbon, twine, scissors and pinking shears and got to work. I used the pinking shears to cut strips of quilt weight cotton fabric and my scissors to cut strips of felt and…

Valentine’s Day Wreath and Table Decor

The last few weeks have seen a lot more organization on my part and because of that I’ve been able to devote a little time to crafting as well. I thought maybe you’d like to see what I’ve been up to. In preparation for Valentine’s Day I made this wreath:And I spruced up these little vases from the Target dollar section. (Can I tell you how much I love the Target Dollar Section?)I also made this blanket for my dog from a $3.00 piece of fleece:And turned Dollar Tree frames from this:Into this:And made this cute pin cushion cake for a friend (who has been very patient waiting for me to ship it):I can’t take credit for the idea for this little beauty. I found the idea at The DIY Dish. You can find this incredible, fun and crafty blog/video series here and you can find out how to make this…