Hey guys! I’m off to tutor in a bit, but I wanted to take a moment to share some of your Kitchen Org tips. I have been so, so blown away that that little post got so much attention! I was featured over at House of Hepworths and earlier this week OrgJunkie linked to my post. If you’ve found me from either one of those sites, WELCOME! You cannot imagine how flattered I am! I hope you’ll Follow Me and stay awhile!

But I’m not the only one with kitchen advice. Here are three tips from commenters that I thought were fabulous:

I bought the collapsible measuring cups and they are the best. Two don’t take up oodles of drawer space! I’ll never go back to the bulky ones again!
By Anonymous 

I love this idea. I’ve seen collapsibles in the store, but since I didn’t want to spend extra cash, I just made do with  what we had. 
An extra spice container is great for those extra crushed pepper flakes or parm cheese from the pizza places. You can fit a ton of those tiny packets into a medium spice container and save all that space taken up by the paper.
By Haley 

Haley has a great idea here. I’ve used those little packets to cook with when I only needed a smidge of an ingredient, but I hadn’t thought of having designated spice storage for them!
It’s a bad idea to keep oil above your stove, for what it’s worth. It’s too hot up there for most oils.
By Jacq 

Jacq is a personal friend who works in the food blogging/web industry so I consider her word solid. I had not realized that it got too hot over the stove for oils. I’m going to do a little research and I’ll bring you guys what I find out. I just did what my mom always did by putting it over the stove.
Keep commenting ladies! You never know when I might credit you for your awesome ideas!

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  1. I’m glad I could help especially after all the inspiration you have given me! Can’t wait to find the right paper to make the dry erase boards.

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