May 1st begins National Scrapbooking Month and also the beginning of our challenge.

100 Scraps in 100 Days – Here are the rules:

1. Friend this blog…yes, even if you are a follower of my other blog, “The Scrappy Housewife”. I want you to do this so A) I can tell who is following in case there are prizes or giveaways along the way (yes, really!) and B) because I’m not going to be cross-posting often and you’ll miss something. I know that everyone who reads The Scrappy Housewife isn’t a scrapbooking enthusiast and I don’t want to spam their blog rolls.

2. You must complete 1 scrapbook page per day for 100 days. However, I am not naive enough to believe that for 100 days the following will happen: Everyone will be 100% healthy, nothing will go wrong and we will all have spare time in the day. SO – if you can’t do one page per day when life happens – make them up in the days surrounding the day(s) you have to skip. No worries.

3. I will post my layouts daily (I’m going to try this anyway, we’ll see how this goes…) but you don’t have to. If you have a blog, I’d love it if you included our little challenge somewhere along the line in your postings (weekly, monthly, etc.) but if you don’t have a blog that’s fine.

4. If you do blog your page please include what you can about the materials and tools you used (brand, size, etc). I will tell you up front that if you’re a scrapbooking supplies hoarder the way I am some of your stuff is old and you probably don’t remember what brand of paper it was if the sticker or tab isn’t still on. I will do my best where I can, but I’ll warn you that I bought a lot of stuff when scrapping first became popular 10 years ago or so and I’m sure I can’t remember some of it, especially if it’s not marked. I’ll do my best, promise!

And finally, the hardest part:

5. No buying new scrapbook materials…for 100 days. Yes, I know how hard this is. Yes, it’s going to hurt.
    Exceptions to this rule: Scrapbooking tools are ok – punches, adhesives, albums, cricut cartridges,          trimmers, etc. – basically anything that facilitates you using your stash. Absolutely no paper, stickers, embellishments until you run out of what you have on hand. The goal is to use what you have, not add to your stash. Again, trust me when I say I know how hard this is. I’m wincing just writing about it.

Now that the business is out of the way, I will add one perk and some bonuses for extra credit:

I would love to feature your layouts along the way. You can email me at thescrappyhousewife(at)gmail(dot)com with your jpg images of your page or you can comment with a link to your blog post and I’ll choose my favorites of the week and feature them in a weekly post. I want to feature as many of you as possible.


– If you have a blog about scrapbooking or one in which you post your layouts as part of our challenge, I will promote you over at The Scrappy Housewife under the challenge tab and here at the challenge blog by giving your blog name or blog button a space on my side bar for FA-REE.
– Make anything using your stash for extra credit. It doesn’t have to be a scrapbook page. It could be anything. Think outside the box when considering the supplies you have on hand. Get Creative!

Please friend this blog and comment here to let me know I’m not alone in this! I think we can do it if we encourage each other. Let’s get started! 🙂



  1. I am so ready for this! I mean, I am not ready to throw together 100 layouts, but I need to and I totally have tons of paper stashed away… I even have tons of pictures printed… I just dont have any motivation, havent had any motivation for MONTHS. Let’s do this! Keep me accountable and bust my butt!

    Oh, and about not buying anything… I quit buying paper and stuff a while back, but I have been buying markers and stamps and dies. TOOLS seems to be my new obsession… HELP!

  2. Yikes! Wanted to start today, but wasn’t feeling well and just got on the computer to be reminded, so will be playing catch up tomorrow, since it’s nearly 10 pm here. I’m so excited about trying this. Thanks for the push.

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