This year I want to share more of who we are with you. I’m pretty sure that up until the end of 2011, most of you didn’t know my name was Christina. Clearly I wasn’t too good about sharing. But that’s going to change. 🙂 Let’s get to know one another shall we?
This is just a quick project I put together for The Hubs (aka Adam). It only took about 10 minutes, but it was one of those silly little things I’d been putting off. And by “putting off” I mean that I had originally planned on making it and giving it to him for Christmas. Awesome. Anyway, it’s done now right?
Hubby is trained as an architect and one of his favorites is Frank Lloyd Wright. About a million years ago, when he and I had just started our long and winding road relationship, I snagged these vintage stamps from my parent’s house as they were cleaning and throwing stuff away. I saved them for the 12 or so years since we met and finally threw it all together.
It’s not expensive – I had the little wooden frame and just used some scrapbook paper and cardstock to make a little faux mat. The only thing I bought was the stand the frame sits on and I think it cost me two bucks.

It’s just a little sentimental thing he can keep on his desk at work or here at home. 

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