Image contains a branch with berries and text that reads New Year, New You?

You don’t have to be a better you. 

I’m starting the year with that thought on my mind. Within seconds of the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, my social media feed was filled with “New Year, New You” sentiments, weight loss plan sales, resolutions, outrageous goal-setting programs, new planners, and more.

If I’m candid, I think I’ve tried them all – or at least more than a few – of each. And failed at 99% of what I’ve tried. 

In the last three years, my life has changed drastically. If I believe what social media tells me I should boss up, set a ton of goals, and hustle my way to a better (richer, prettier, fitter) me. 

This year, I don’t plan to try.

Because of my mental and physical limitations, it just isn’t realistic. What served me well in my 20s, just doesn’t anymore. (And probably didn’t then.)

I am unable to multi-task. (Spoiler: It’s not healthy for anyone.)

I am unable to join one more weight loss program (Doctor’s orders because I have disordered eating.)

I am unable to have a Pinterest-worthy home that’s perfectly clean and perfectly organized all the time. (Thanks to a lack of executive functioning skills thanks to several diagnoses.)

But if we’re honest with one another – is any of that realistic for anyone?

If you’re here for Instagram caliber photos and tips and tricks to get your crap together – sorry, you won’t find that here.

Consider this permission to just – be you. That doesn’t mean you can’t strive to do better, learn new things, or find what works for you. You should. I should. We will. Let’s change our approach. 

But hustle culture and #bossbabe mentality are incredibly unhealthy. And demoralizing. 

You don’t have to be “better”. You are worthy as you are. And as Lara Casey says, “There is nothing magical about January 1.”

Instead, do your best. Your best might look a lot different than my best. Your best might look different from day to day, month to month, or even year to year.

Sometimes things in life become pure chaos and you just have to ride the wave until you’re able to find the shore. It stinks. That’s life. (You can trust me on this one, I’ve been hit by life hard lately.) Acknowledge that it stinks. Then move on.

A new year is 365 days of opportunity to love yourself. Love your best. Accept that everything, all those plates spinning above your head, can’t stay spinning at once. Some will fall. Some should fall. Some should probably be sent to the thrift store.

You don’t have to be new. Or better. You have to be you – and you are enough. 

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