Thoughts on Robin Williams

Yesterday, the world lost a comedic legend.┬áBut for those of us who have struggled with depression and other forms of mental illness, we lost a fellow soldier in a war that never seems to have an end. It’s different for us, you see. Every single day that one of us continues breathing we get to say “screw you” to the thing that’s trying so, so hard to kill us. So when someone loses that battle we feel it deeply. As deeply as we feel or felt our own nothingness. Because that’s what depression is – it’s nothing. It’s feeling nothing, enjoying nothing, wanting nothing. It’s just a hole. A big, deep, dark hole filled with demons who would love to make you believe that you don’t matter. By all accounts – even his own – Robin Williams had a lot of demons. Drugs, alcohol and depression among the biggest. While…

On Being Brave

Since my anniversary post last week, I’ve gotten several comments from family, friends and readers about how “brave” I am for sharing my struggles with depression and anxiety and I thought I would take a moment to address that. I don’t think I’m brave. At all. I get it though. I used to tell my students that being brave had nothing to do with not being afraid and everything to do with being afraid and doing things anyway. I guess you could say I do that…daily…hourly…moment by moment.But sharing about it? Well, that probably scares me the most. I know that it’s a calculated risk. It could mean that later down the line it could impact my husband, my job prospects, any children that may come along.So why do it? Why share something so personal? The answer to that is pretty simple. If I don’t, who will? Sadly, we still live in a…