One Little Word


Happy New Year – One Little Word 2015

Happy New Year friends! I hope everyone had a great holiday. Once again, I have chosen a word to help define and drive my year. In 2014, I chose Simplify and it truly did make a difference. I am still constantly striving to simplify, simplify, simplify. “How can I do this easier?” is a common question in my mind along with, “Am I over-complicating this?” I have a tendency to make things more difficult than they need to be. Having simplify as my word for 2014 really helped me break away from that. I’m going to continue to strive for simplicity – it’s one of the goals of my blog after all – but with a new year, comes a new word. For 2015, I’ve chosen Act. I’m hoping it will help remind me to act frugally, generously, kindly and with the community in mind. I’m still fleshing it…

My One Little Word for 2014

So, in case you aren’t familiar with One Little Word it was started a few years ago by Ali Edwards, blogger, scrapbooker, and designer extraordinaire as a way to focus the year ahead and define how you want your life to be for the next twelve months. I’ll admit that over the past couple of years I’ve picked a word and then promptly dismissed it. Part of the problem is the depression was consuming me at the time and I couldn’t see past it enough to focus on anything else. But now that I’m healthier and much happier I feel like I have the space and desire to focus on how I want my life to look for the next year. I know that I’ve mentioned this before but now that I’m healthy again, I have this deep desire for things to be as simple and easy as possible.…