Taming ticket stubs with Project Life

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been going through and cleaning out my craft room (again). In the process, I’m finding a lot of memorabilia in the way of ticket stubs, business cards, etc that I want to¬†eventually¬†include in my Project Life layouts but right now just seem to be sitting around getting shuffled into stacks of papers, projects and, well, mess. One set of tickets even went through the wash. Yeah. I really needed a solution to store them safely without filling another box of stuff. Then it hit me. If I’m going to include it in Project Life then why not just attach them to Project Life cards? Ah but then, how do I know how do I know what kind of cards I’ll get around to using when I do the actual layouts? I turned to my PL stash. I wanted to find the core kits…

One Little Word – My Word for 2013

I know I’m a bit behind on this, but I wanted to share with you that I am participating in Ali Edwards’ One Little Word Class over at Big Picture Classes.Here’s a look at January’s project (mostly finished):This year, I’ve chosen the word Create as my focus. I’ll be using the word create in twelve areas of focus (it’s supposed to be one a month, but I think I’ll let it happen as opportunities arise). Here they are: Create more “me” time.Create more “us” time.Create healthier meals.Create a better blog.Create a cozy home. Create a space to work in.Create connections (within our community, within the blogging community, etc.)Create a link to the past.Create better photographs.Create a better use of my time. Create a stronger relationship with God. (Not pictured.)Create ____________________. Not sure what this one is going to say yet. I’m still brainstorming.Each month or so (maybe more often, who knows!) I’ll check in with my progress on this…