Small Business Saturday



Last, but certainly not least, we have Gadanke. I think you know I love Gadanke journals – I mean, I have three or four of my own. I’ve given them away here on the blog. I even used one as a gift for my husband on our first anniversary!Gadanke journals are high quality. The papers are beautiful. The prompts are thought provoking without leading you to specific answers. They would make a lovely stocking stuffer, and even buying a few wouldn’t break the bank.Here are a couple of my favorites:Connect with Gadanke on the web:Shop:

Dixieland DeLites

Dixieland DeLites is run by Susan, a friend of blogger Eva @ Tales of the Scotts. Susan e-mailed me to ask if she could be included in my Small Business Saturday posts and when I took a look at her Etsy shop I knew she had to be included. Check out some of her awesome stuff! How cute are these?Chardonnay Soy Melts? Are you kidding me? Check out Dixieland DeLites on Etsy:


Next we have Janery. I am positive that I have mentioned Jane @ The Borrowed Abode just a few times here on the blog and this is her Etsy shop. I can speak with confidence about her products because I own some!I have these wonderful reusable produce bags that I take with me when I go grocery shopping. I’ve washed them (inside out just to protect the print) and let them air dry and I can tell you they clean up nicely! And I feel good that I’m not using plastic bags that will just end up in a landfill.And when hubby and I finish working on the basement, this will be on the list for Scrappy Dog. ;)Connect with Janery online:Etsy – –

Tales of the Scotts

Alright, alright, you all know Eva and I are bloggy BFFs but seriously, how cute is this?SourceYou’ve heard me mention Eva many times and I’ve even guest posted for her on a couple of occasions. She’s a fantastic mom, a wonderful blogger and a great friend and you know what? Her handmade crayon rolls would make a fantastic stocking stuffer for your little one! Check out Eva’s blog’s Etsy shop:Tales of the Scotts on EtsyAnd her blog!

The Busy Bee

Well, it wouldn’t be right to plug my favorite small, handmade businesses without including my BFF Marie.She is an insanely busy mom of three who spends her nights and weekends sewing and creating for her Etsy shop The Busy Bee.I have a set of her handmade note cards and these lovely and high quality turkey feather earrings. (Which I may or may not be wearing as I cheer on Florida State today…just sayin’…)Connect with The Busy Bee on the web (and you know, support her son’s Lego habit…)Etsy –

Old Town Suds

Alright, disclaimer time here, I count Steffanie as a friend, but I can honestly tell you that I love the fact that Old Town Suds focuses on getting harsh chemicals and cleaning agents out of our homes.As an asthmatic, I’ve grown very conscious of what I’m breathing. And with a 5 lb chihuahua running around the house who loves to eat and lick anything he can get his paws on, I worry. Steffanie has been very helpful in both of these respects. I do not lie when I say that she taught me how to clean my stove without using the self-cleaning feature or harsh chemicals and recently she had an entire blog series on what cleaning products you shouldn’t be using because they are harmful to pets!She and her awesome husband Joel make eco-friendly soap, laundry detergent and household cleanser.If I’m completely honest, their bath bombs are on my stocking stuffer list…

New Family Naturals

First up, we have New Family Naturals. I can tell you honestly that I’ve met Toya and she is fabulous – and very passionate about what she does. She and her husband just opened their first brick and mortar storefront in Reston, Virginia (11414 Washington Plaza W, Reston, VA 20190 – Tel: (703) 481-0471) where they foster the idea of health, social responsibility and well being (and well, truly yummy kale chips. 😉 )If you have any interest at all in organic, natural, raw or gluten free foods, you have to check them out.Don’t live in or near Reston? No worries! They have an online shop too! Click HERE to check out New Family Naturals on the web.Toya also wanted me to mention that if you’re in the area, they close at 5 today, but they have a 15% off sale storewide until December 1st.Connect with New Family Naturals:Facebook – – @NewFamNaturals

Small Business Saturday

If you live in a big city, you probably shop at big chain stores most of the time. I grew up in a very large city and I can honestly (and with some shame) tell you that I could probably name on one hand the number of small businesses I frequented on a regular basis. As the Wal-marts of the world took over, my conscience took a back seat.When I moved to Maryland, I moved to a much smaller town – one that was large enough to have all the big chains but small enough to have an entire downtown district dedicated to small businesses. Suddenly, I was shopping at small stores and community markets and eating at local restaurants. I can happily tell you that it’s rare that we have a sit down dinner at a chain restaurant anymore.Last year, I began writing about Small Business Saturday here on the…