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On Hit Pieces, Negative Press and Hateful Comments Sections

Let’s talk about negative press, “hit” pieces, and hateful comment sections. I made the comment recently that you should never read the comments section (of pretty much anything these days) – and I firmly believe that. That said, yes, I sometimes get caught up in it too. It happens. And as an enneagram 4w3, I have OPINIONS. But look, we’re never going to change people’s minds by snapping back at them. You will never bring people to your side of an issue by being snarky, or engaging them in an already emotionally charged arena. It just won’t happen. SPAM them Instead Instead, as a squad, let’s do this – Stop. Pray. Acknowledge. Move on. Yes, I realize that says SPAM 😉 Stop – Before you jump to response, stop, and take a deep breath. Pray – Pray for them instead. Pray that their eyes will be opened to new ways of…

Social Media Blog Hop Monday

I’m participating in the Social Media Mondays blog hop. It’s a great opportunity to spread the word about your blog’s social media sites! Just click the button below:It really does work!And in case you haven’t already – you can follow me in these places as well:FacebookTwitterPinterestClick the links on the sidebar to get started! 🙂

Just an FYI

If you haven’t seen this before and you blog, this might be of interest to you:It’s a nice way to get a little love on your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest accounts. This is NOT a blog hop. It’s a social media hop. Great if you want to grow your following in places besides your blog.