Spring De-Junk


Spring DeJunk Challenge – My Process to Purging the Junk

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Spring De-Junk Challenge and Giveaway. Organizing and cleaning your home is much more fun with a friend, so join us, and let’s get de-junking! Today is Day 1 of our 10-Day Challenge to Clean, Organize and De Junk Your Home for Spring. If you missed the post introducing the challenge, click here for directions and details. Today, I thought I’d share with you my simple process for purging and clearing out the clutter – my husband would say it doesn’t happen often enough 😉 – but it really is easy! Any time I work to organize and clear the junk out of a space I like to move quickly and clear everything out in one fell swoop. But, you need somewhere to put all that “stuff” that you’re going through so yesterday I ran to Lowe’s and grabbed 3 boxes, the kind you’d use for packing…

Declutter Your Home! Spring De-Junk Challenge and GIVEAWAY!

Hey guys! While preparing for my dad’s visit last week from Florida, it became even clearer to me that I have got to purge this house of unwanted “stuff” so I’m super excited to be participating in Heidi from OneCreativeMommy’s #SpringDeJunkChallenge from April 27th through May 7th. No really, I’ve even gotten hubby on board. (He may have been subtly hinting that we have too much stuff…and I may have been putting it off…a lot.) And guess what?? YOU can play along too and maybe, just maybe win some money? Who can use some extra money? *raises hand* I bet you can too. Are you with me? Welcome to the Spring De-Junk Challenge and Giveaway! We’re announcing the challenge a week early so that you have time to mark your calendar to be ready to join us on Day 1. The Instagram Challenge: For 10 days, do one thing every day to make some…