I saw this idea over at Erika’s blog and loved it so much that I hunted down the blog she links hers up to. What a great way to lighten up mid-week and take yourself a little less seriously.

You can find more “so what’s” over at Life After I Dew:

SO WHAT Wednesday

Without further ado…

Today I’m saying SO WHAT if…

1. I got my coffee and went back to bed this morning.
2. I don’t change our bath towels daily, with two people once a week is enough and way more convenient for me.
3. I don’t have a “job, job” right now. Being without one has been a blessing in disguise.
4. I wear yoga pants like a uniform, they’re comfy!
5. We eat dinner at 10 PM sometimes; at least we’re eating at home!
6. I screw up said dinner occasionally; I’m learning and no one is going hungry.
7. I sometimes blow off my chore list and watch Lifetime movies all day. Sometimes ya just have to!
8. I’m 31 and not a mommy yet. I will be, but as to when, that’s up to God, me and the Hubs. I haven’t been married a year yet (next week is our anniversary, haha)!  – And for the record, a lot of the blogs I read are written by amazing moms. I’m just soaking up all that great information for when my time comes.

What are you saying “So what!” to this week?



  1. OMG – I totally forgot to give a shout out to where I linked up – darn it! It’s fun though isn’t it!?!? I love thinking of the quirky funny things I’m doing (or not doing). PS – totally jealous that I don’t get to wear yoga pants daily and watch Lifetime movies all day. Good for you for taking some time out to relax 🙂

    OH! And Happy Anniversary!! May this be your year (if you want) to become a mommy 🙂

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