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So, recently I’ve been working on my crafting space and trying to make room for all of the supplies, tools, and fun stuff (read: fabric, paper – oh god the paper!, stickers, embellishments, etc.) that I have a plan for and well…I gotta tell ya, it won’t all fit. Here’s the problem:

Remember this space?

Yeah, here’s what it looks like now:
Nothing scarier at Halloween than a massive pile of unfinished craft projects right? 😉
I’m kind of ashamed to even watermark that. Hello, my name is Christina and I am a project hoarder. *sigh* Here’s the thing…I get a great idea and I buy all the stuff to bring that idea to fruition and then it sits. I see that lovely clean crafting space and I go, “Wow! Now I can do so much!” and then I promptly fill it with the “so much” and never touch it again. Or rather, it sits in a holding pattern and I’m horrible about putting myself at the very bottom of my to do list so I never get back to it. Well, since I’ve worked hard to create a functional craft space with the space I do have, there’s really no excuse for all of that to sit. 
So I made a list. A very long list. A list that will probably grow just a little bit as I unearth the layers beneath (it’s not too bad, I swear). And in the spirit of holding myself accountable, I decided to share my list of “unfinisheds” with all of you. It is now your job to help me stay motivated to get all this crap done. Why you ask? 
Because I’m not buying another craft project or planning any further craft projects until these are done. Some of them are even stupidly simple. Like the mending for example. How hard is it for a girl to sew up a hole? Not hard, I’ll tell you. I’ve been L.A.Z.Y. and it has to stop. I’m wasting valuable real estate in my home because I neglect to allow myself a hobby. Ridiculous!

Here’s the List (and because I’m an insane list maker, it’s broken down into categories):

Unfinished Craft Projects

  1. Soap label prints for guest bath
  2. “For Friends” box
  3. Small organizational bags for purse
  4. Crochet class (omg the challenge I was a part of was way more than I could handle)
  5. Fall wreath DONE
  6. Fall table poms DONE
  7. My recipe binder
  8. Mom/Grandma’s Cookbook project
  9. Family Cookbook
  10. Christmas centerpiece
  11. Map art for living room
  12. Subway art for bedroom 
  13. Advent calendar
  14. Felt flowers 

Cross Stitch:

  1. Bird house stitch n’ hang
  2. Butterflies
  3. Heart wreath sampler


  1. Tuscan runner
  2. Gold embroidered floral pillow cases
  3. Tulip runner
  4. Summer romance runner and napkins
  5. Holiday runner and napkins
  6. Kitchen towels (redwork?)
  7. Felt ornaments

Sewing Projects:

  1. Vintage apron kit
  2. Tree skirt
  3. Mending
  4. T-shirt shopping bags
  5. T-shirt scarf

Scrapbook Projects:

  1. Bowden’s book
  2. School Year 1
  3. School Year 2
  4. School Year 3
  5. School Year 4
  6. School Year 5
  7. Adam’s (The Hubs) school stuff
  8. My childhood
  9. Wedding album (I’ve only been married a year and a half – that’s normal right?)
  10. Honeymoon
  11. Sea World
  12. Disney
  13. Kindergarten book (My mother saved every. single. piece. of paper from when I was in Kindergarten – I’m scanning it in and making a digital book of my favorite pieces so I can chuck all the paper!)
  14. Adam & Christina book
  15. Baby O’s (a friend’s baby) book

Misc. Projects

  1. Clean out foyer closet and reorg
  2. Reorg bathroom storage
  3. Clean out dresser
  4. Dining room/linen closet tidy up
  5. Decorate for Halloween  DONE
  6. Family tree/Ancestry (ongoing)
  7. Geneaology Notebook/Docs (ongoing)
  8. Scan family pictures (ongoing)
  9. Purge magazines
  10. Hobby Binders
  11. Recipe boxes
  12. Ribbon box
  13. Bag dispensers for cars
  14. Clean out file cabinet and go as paperless as possible

Home Notebook Revamp (This section will grow as I decide on more of what we need).

  1. Cover and Spine

So…overwhelmed yet? 😉 In all seriousness though all of these projects are important to me and I really want to complete them. I just haven’t been the best about using my time wisely. Since Homemaker’s Challenge I’ve really started to see things differently. If I don’t make time for myself and my interests, I’m going to drive other people batty and I’m not going to be good for anyone, including myself. So I’m going to tackle the “unfinisheds” and share my progress with you as I go along. I hope you’ll join me. Anyone else have a list? Are you brave enough to share? 😉 


  1. What a great idea! I am a project hoarder too…and my to-do/make list is never-ending! I’m setting aside some time this month to declutter my craft stash…get rid of things I never use so that I can easily access the craft items that I do use!

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