*Edited to give a shout out to all the new readers I’ve gotten in the last couple of weeks. I hope you’ll pull up a chair and stay awhile! I seriously giggle with glee at every new reader. (And when I get fun comments from current readers too! 😉 Love y’all!

Well ladies (and gents if you’re out there!) it’s been a couple weeks since I wrote The List and I’d say it’s been fairly successful over all. It’s funny how putting things down on paper motivates you (or at least me) to do them!

Let’s take a look at that pile from the beginning shall we?

Here’s what I got done this week:

Misc. Projects

11. Recipe Boxes – I found the boxes cheap at Borders (and this was long before they were closing). They were originally from some Time Life promotion, but were five bucks a piece, and they even came with recipe cards! I didn’t like the logos all over the box and since one was going to be a gift to my best friend I decided to personalize it with some vinyl and my Cricut. Mine has the buttons (I messed up the sizing of the recipe card so I had to improvise.) Then, for my friend I made recipe dividers for the inside of the box. Mine is going to hold my “50 _______” recipe books from each month’s Food Network Magazine. It’s a larger size which is just what she wanted! (4×6 not 3×5)

12. Ribbon box – Earlier this week I showed you the ribbon box I made out of an old cous cous container during my Craft Area Reveal.

15. and 16. Scrapping up my Homemaker’s Mission Statement and a Favorite Quote (or Two!) – I just used Word to type them up and then printed them off and matted them with some scrap paper. The big one I made in Picnik – though I think it may get resized. I don’t like it that big. I’m considering offering it as a free printable – anyone interested?

17. Pinterest Post It Holder – I saw several of these Post It Notes holders on Pinterest and I literally had a ton of those plastic picture frames left over from our wedding so I thought I’d make one as an added gift for my bestie. Here’s a link to the tutorial I pinned – Paper Wings

Sewing Projects

3. Mending – This is almost finished. I bought some ribbon to cover a hole in a towel (I’ll show you how I did it – assuming it’s not an epic fail – haha! this week.) and I just have to do some machine mending on 3 pieces tonight. It’ll be checked off next week for sure.

Here’s a look at the pile now:

So, I’m making progress. Today was spent working on stocking up the freezer with healthy fare for nights when we don’t really feel like heavy cooking as well as doing some organization there. I’ll share that with you as soon as I’m done.

I’ve also been steadily working on the advent calendar, which I’ll show you when I’m done. It’s so cute. Srsly.

Have a great Saturday night. I’ll be back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled Sunday Pinspiration!


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