If there’s one thing I’ve learned in almost 2 years of marriage, it’s that women and men are… different. We approach things differently and in general, that’s not a bad thing. This was never more evident to me than last weekend while putting away the laundry.
In my world, t-shirts are folded neatly and with precision, because darn it I know how many I can fit in a drawer when they are folded properly. (And it’s a lot, let me tell you.) Yes, I may be a little picky about it, but take a look at the inside of that drawer! 
What you can’t see is that there are two more stacks of neatly folded shirts *behind* the two stacks you *can* see. That’s just how I roll – er, fold.
Hubby knows of my obsession with neatly folded shirts and so he bought me one of these:
My Flip Fold. I’ve been obsessed with it since I saw an infomercial for one in the 1990’s.
So you can imagine my horror when I opened his drawer of work out clothes to find this:
Uh what?

Me: Honey, could you come here for a sec?
Hubs (upon entering): Uh huh?
Me: What uh…what’s this? (I may or may not have been twitching at the time…)
Him: My work out clothes.
Me (looking from him to the drawer and back): Are they uh, “working out” for ya? 
Him (smiling just like a man would): Mmhmm!
I just shook my head and laid the neatly folded shirt I had planned on putting in the drawer on top of the dresser. I wasn’t about to put it into the fray. 
And I wasn’t about to refold all of the stuff in the drawer – because in my house, it gets done once. You mess it up, you clean it up. That too, is how I roll. 😉
This is going to be a new feature here on the blog entitled Hubby Humor – because darn it, the guy’s funny.
And I love that about him.

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