Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk with you about what to do when that craving for fast food hits. Tell me you get an occasional hankerin’ for Taco Bell, too? 
While we’re trying (and succeeding!) to cut back on our food budget, we still get the occasional craving for junk. I don’t mind it occasionally, but we were doing it far too much. Rather than going cold turkey, I decided to embrace it and counter it at the same time. 
Here are my tips for satisfying that junk food craving:
1. Have It Anyway – OK so first up, I’m not going to lie to you: we still run through or order take out on occasion. I don’t believe in giving it up entirely. Everything in moderation, I say. But here’s the thing: We plan for it. I build it into our menu plan so we don’t feel deprived of our fun and go binge on it. Easy peasy. In the beginning, I was building it in about once a week, but I’ve cut back to once every two weeks and we’re doing pretty well!
2. Make Your Own – Some of our favorite menu plan meals are homemade pizza and homemade tacos. 
For Pizza – I buy Boboli crusts in the individual size and then we add whatever toppings and spices we want. It’s great for a crowd (or a kid’s party!) because everyone gets what they want on their pizza. Quick tip though: Skip the pizza sauce in a jar and use Ragu instead. Ragu pasta sauce is way cheaper, goes on sale all the time and you can use the leftovers for other things, just jazz it up with spices you like. 
For Tacos – I buy Old El Paso kits when they go on sale and stockpile them. They have an insanely long “use by” date and they are way cheap. (Far cheaper than dropping $20 at Taco Bell) The week I have them scheduled, I just run out and get the fresh veggies and grab some chips and salsa if I don’t already have them on hand. 
For Chinese – Stir Fry is possibly the simplest meal you can make. I like to buy the frozen stir fry veggie blends and then stir fry them in low sodium soy sauce (you can also get jars of stir fry sauce) and serve over steamed white rice. The blend of veggies and seasoning is up to you and your tastes!
Do you do fast food at home? If so, I’d love to hear about it! I may even include it in a future post. Leave me a comment below! 🙂 

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