Hey y’all! Happy Memorial Day (It’s still Memorial Day on the west coast!) Sorry this post is so late. It’s a big, big week here at our house. Can you guess why? 😉 Y’all our apartment is a wreck. Boxes everywhere and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Oy. So much packing. 
Anywho, back to you dear reader. Today I’m going to share a couple of my favorite go to cooking blogs that have helped me a lot in my quest to become a home cook. Let’s get started, OK? OK!

Eat at Home is one of my favorite food blogs. Tiffany truly cares about eating at home and avoiding the fast food lane. She’s passionate about it. All of her recipes are simple, easy to follow and kid and hubby approved! We use some of her seasoned salt recipes (Uh, she makes her *own* and they are fantastic.) all the time. They make great gifts too. She also has an e-book Feast in 15. I bought it and I highly recommend it. Simple recipes with simple ingredients but great flavor and all on the quick!

Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures is another wonderful home cook resource. Also, if you’re gluten free she’s your girl! Her recipes span a wide range from kid friendly to allergy specific. She’s also a slow cooker lover like me. Lynn also has some great ebooks and some are FREE! That’s right free. Awesome right?

Through both of these lovely ladies, I’ve met so many awesome food bloggers that also deserve a piece of the spotlight. So many, in fact, that there are just too many good ones to name without accidentally forgetting someone – so instead, please check out my Facebook page and click “See all” in the box marked “Likes” (see below). 

I hope you’ll check out these blogs and poke around my Facebook page to find inspiration to cook at home.  You can cook at home quickly and inexpensively with a little help from me and my friends. 

Here’s this week’s menu at our house: What’s cooking at your place?

Week 5 Menu –
Monday 5/28 Tex Mex Lasagna
Tuesday 5/29 Leftovers/YOYO
Wednesday 5/30 Red Pepper Parmesan Tilapia & Melissa d’Arabian Tomatoes
Thursday 5/31 Closing Day! Dinner out!
Friday 6/1 Sloppy Joe’s
Saturday 6/2 Crock Pot Taco Soup
(Still working on June’s menu.)


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