While I’m away unpacking boxes this week, I’ve asked a few of my blogger friends to take the reins for me and share a little of themselves with you. I hope you enjoy. Pop over to Facebook when you have a chance. I’ll be uploading pics all week, giving you a snapshot of our move. 

Today’s post is brought to you by Eva at Tales of the Scotts. When she says we’ve known each other since Kindergarten, she’s not kidding. Here’s proof:

I’m on the left, looking at the camera. Eva is on the right. It was “Come as A Book Character” Day at school.

Hi Scrappy Readers!  I’m so happy to be with you today and super excited for Christina and her hubs on the purchase of their new home!  What an exciting time for them!  Well, I’m Eva and I blog over at Tales of the Scotts.  There you’ll find funny stories about my kids mixed in with some DIY ideas.

Christina and I go way, way back.  All the way back to Kindergarten.  We lost touch over the years and then reconnected over crafting and blogging!  She kindly did a guest post for me a couple of years ago for my blogiversary.

My very first dabble in the crafting genre was with scrapbooking and card making a few years ago.  When we had baby #2, I had to downsize my scrap collection but kept the basics.  I recently began doing Project Life which I’m loving.  You can see some of those posts here.  When I had kids, I began making some mini-scrapbooks along the way to give to the grandparents.  You can see the ones I’ve done here and here.  But today I’m here to share with you my Spring Fever mini-scrapbook.

All you need to make a similar one is some cardboard (cereal boxes work great), some scrap paper, tape, pictures and any embellishments you want.

I basically took a cup that I liked the size of and traced a bunch of circles on the cereal boxes.  I did the same thing to the paper.  Something to note here: in the future, I would cut out the cardboard and then tape or glue it to the paper and then cut out the paper around the cardboard.  What I did this time was cut out a bunch of circles on the cardboard and the paper and when I taped the paper down to the cardboard, most weren’t the same size somehow (probably due to my cutting).  Make sense?  So next time, I’ll tape it down first to the paper and then cut it out together.  After all the circles were put together, I inked the edges of my circles.  This is totally a preference call.  But on the last picture, you can see the difference.  To me, the inked pages look “finished”.  But again, up to you.

Next up, the fun part!  Add your pictures and any embellishments you want, hole-punch it and then connect it with some ribbon.  Then, you’ll have a really cute mini-scrapbook that the grandparents will love to keep in their purse to show off their grandkids.  Really easy and really cute.  I ended up giving this to Nana & Gigi for Mother’s Day.  🙂  Here’s the rest of the pages so you can see what I did.

Something to note when using glitter.  I sprayed the chipboard with some 3M General Purpose adhesive spray and then added my glitter.  The glitter was coming off and I knew it would be messy and stick to the connecting page so I randomly thought of spraying some hairspray on top and it worked!  Very, very little of the glitter came off.

And there you have.  An adorable and easy gift.

Thanks again Christina for having me!  And enjoy that new house of yours.  We can’t wait to see some before and after pictures!


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