Hey guys! So, earlier this week I shared with you my new strategy of One Chore, One Room to help me conquer being overwhelmed. Basically, each day I tackle one major chore (like laundry as you’ll see) and dedicate time to really working on one room in the house.

With the new house I’ve struggled a lot with getting it all done. In the apartment, I could easily clean up the entire space by blocking certain chores on certain days. With a house now about two and a half times the size of the apartment (and three floors) it’s not so simple so I’m really working to find a new routine that fits.

Anywho, I thought you might like an update on my progress. Here are some before and after shots.

Tuesday –

Chore: Laundry
Room: Home Office

Wednesday – 
Chore: More Laundry (I was that behind)
Room: Living Room/Dining Room

So here are my thoughts on this process so far. I think it works to an extent. Last week was so overwhelming that not much got done and so it’s going to take awhile for me to really get back in a groove. BUT, I’m going to stick with this plan for awhile. It’s really helped me to focus on just two things and it’s given me motivation to do more when I feel like it. 
So far, so good. 

I feel like the pictures don’t necessarily accurately reflect my progress, though.

A) The home office was one of three rooms that’s never fully been unpacked so I was starting off with a mountain of “to organize/to do”. I actually did a lot more than what the picture shows but I didn’t want the post to be picture heavy and I’m saving the closet for it’s own post so stay tuned. There’s still quite a bit I want to get done in there, but until we finish the basement some of that stuff (books) can’t be moved. I’m OK with that.

B) The missing laundry hamper in the “After” photo is sitting empty in the laundry area – pinky swear. I just haven’t brought it back upstairs to our bedroom. I feel pretty good about where I’m at with that, but of course, I’d like to be moving more quickly through it. I’m impatient. 😉

C) The living room/dining room is another one of those rooms that just isn’t “settled” yet. There are boxes waiting to go to the basement, but since our basement is chaos right now due to the renovations, nothing can be moved. I’m trying to be patient on that count too. Also? There are dishes and such on the table that can’t be moved back into the kitchen because one of our many issues last week was finding out we have a mouse friend who has invaded our kitchen. Awesome. As soon as we get the all clear from the exterminator (hopefully tomorrow) we’ll give the kitchen one more deep clean and move those items back to their homes. (Mice give me the heebie jeebies.)

Overall, things are going well and I have momentum to keep moving in the right direction. That three page to do list was killing me!


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