Alrighty! Time to get back into this Weekly Goals thing. Actually, I’ve been doing it behind the scenes since I started on one of my trusty junior legal pads, but I really need a little more accountability for it. I worked really hard last week and reached most of my goals so I was satisfied! So, I think for the time being Sundays will be my Weekly Goals post!

Here goes:

1. List extra wedding supplies online.
2. Finish the last few (belated, yikes!) Christmas gifts and mail them.
3. Inventory and clean out pantry – including spices and oils.
4. Inventory and clean out fridge
5. Menu plan for the week (Menu Plan Mondays are coming!)
6. Drop off dry cleaning.
7. Iron and rehang bedroom curtains.
8. Run to post office and buy stamps – mail correspondence.
9. Clean and tidy guest bathroom.
10. Clean doggie stuff – and doggie!
11. Update and maintain our receipt spreadsheet.
12. Blog (guess I can check that one off?):

  • Coming up soon – Menu Plan Monday, 2011 Goals, Dollar Tree picture frame B&A, Kitchen Cabinet Decrapification B&A

13. Iron on Brownie patches for a friend’s little girl. 🙂
14. Stick to my Chore Chart (I’m using this week as a trial for a new method of dividing up chores so I’m not totally overwhelmed anymore when I put things off – routine is so good.)
15. Try out my new Food Saver the Hubs bought me.

What are your goals this week?


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