Alright, time to check in with my goals for this week and take a look at how I did last week.

This was last week’s list:

1. List extra wedding supplies online.
2. Finish the last few (belated, yikes!) Christmas gifts and mail them.
3. Inventory and clean out pantry – including spices and oils.
4. Inventory and clean out fridge
5. Menu plan for the week (Menu Plan Mondays are coming!)
6. Drop off dry cleaning.
7. Iron and rehang bedroom curtains.
8. Run to post office and buy stamps – mail correspondence.
9. Clean and tidy guest bathroom.
10. Clean doggie stuff – and doggie!
11. Update and maintain our receipt spreadsheet.
12. Blog (guess I can check that one off?):

  • Coming up soon – Menu Plan Monday, 2011 Goals, Dollar Tree picture frame B&A, Kitchen Cabinet Decrapification B&A

13. Iron on Brownie patches for a friend’s little girl. 🙂
14. Stick to my Chore Chart (I’m using this week as a trial for a new method of dividing up chores so I’m not totally overwhelmed anymore when I put things off – routine is so good.)
15. Try out my new Food Saver the Hubs bought me.

Overall, not such a bad job. To my credit I did start a few projects as well that weren’t on the list and items one through four are in progress, just not complete. Also, the Hubs bought me some really awesome baskets from Target so I could utilize some unused spaces in our apartment. If I have learned anything during my time in this apartment, it’s organizing in a small space. I can squeeze an elephant into a basket if I want to. Seriously. We’ve outgrown this place. Help me!

So, now for this week:

1-4 from last week plus,
5. Menu plan for this week and post/link up on blog.
6. Pick up dry cleaning. 
7. Clean doggie stuff and doggie!
8. Blog – Dollar Tree Picture frame B&A
9. Blog – Kitchen Cabinets B&A
10. Blog – 2011 Goals
11. Clean and organize Master Closet I am daunted by this one!
12. Update and maintain January receipt spreadsheet as we continue to track our spending and look for ways to improve.
13. Continue to follow my chore chart and adjust as necessary. (I smell a blog post in this…)
14. Take some time for me and craft/work out/give myself a pedi – anything! 

What are your goals for this week?


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  1. I’m ready to see your chore chart and menu plan!

    Going to working one day a week has been really hard. I’m still working from home A LOT! But I think it’s starting to wind down and I’m getting adjusted to just being there one day.

    My goal over the next couple of weeks is to read all the organizing things I have bookmarked and find something that works for me!

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