Hey y’all. I’m back this evening to show you how I made my super adorable (OK, I’m biased) Advent calendar pockets. They are crazy easy. Here’s what you do:

Materials You’ll Need:

12 x 12 Scrapbooking Paper of your choice – either one sided or double sided – both work
Tape runner or glue stick (your choice – I used tape runner)
Decorations or embellishments of your choice (or none if you so choose)
Paper cutter
Paper scoring board (optional)

Instructions for Double Sided Cardstock/Paper – 

When using solid color cardstock or something double sided that is not directional you can make a pocket in about two minutes. I do not lie. It’s that easy.

First, cut a 7″x3″ strip of paper using your paper cutter.

Then, using your scoring board and stylus make a fold line at the 4 inch mark. If you don’t have a scorer, no problem, just use a ruler and mark where four inches would be and then fold.

Fold on the line.

Using a tape runner or glue stick place some adhesive on the outside edges of the shorter (pocket) side. I recommend not going all the way to the fold line if you’re planning on using an edge punch to decorate like I did. It adds bulk, makes it harder to punch and will goo up your punch tool. Do not add tape or glue to the top edge of the fold or you’ll seal off your pocket and well, you won’t have a pocket. 😉

Press the sides down and you have a pocket!

Optional: Use a decorative edge punch to punch all four corners. Decorate as you wish with embellishments.

Instructions for One Sided Cardstock/Paper – 

Cut a 9″ x 3 ” strip of cardstock of your choice.

Using your scoring board and stylus, make folds at the 2 inch mark and the 6 inch mark (Or use your ruler to mark each) on the blank side of your paper. You’ll be folding the pattern in to make your pocket.

Fold on the lines.

Use your tape runner to glue down the shorter (2 inch) flap first adding glue or tape to the outside edges and the edge of the flap.

Then bring up the longer flap and ONLY adhere the outside edges. 
Use your edge punch or embellishments to decorate. 

I made the little activity cards by cutting scrap white cardstock into 2″x 3″ strips and used a rounded edge puncher to round the edges.

You could really apply these little pockets to just about anything. I found lots of tutorials for making library pockets, but I really felt this was far easier and I didn’t have to deal with difficult templates or tracing out and cutting. (And believe me, I tried those methods.)

I used the DCWV Merry Christmas Stack for my Advent Calendar and supplemented it with some solid red, white and green cardstock.

The best part (and what I didn’t know at the time I bought the stack) was that it came with the numbers all ready to cut out and use for an Advent calendar. I had originally planned to use my Cricut to cut out numbers but this just seemed much easier. I also used ribbon, sticky rhinestones, eyelets, and scraps from the other pockets to decorate them.

Here are a few of my favorite things pockets (name that movie…):

So what do you think? The basic pockets came together in no time at all. I took my time decorating them, which was the longest part (save this blog post which took forever 😉 )

Hubby and I are really enjoying the nightly time together. Are you using an Advent calendar at your house? I’d love to see it!

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