While I’m away unpacking boxes this week, I’ve asked a few of my blogger friends to take the reins for me and share a little of themselves with you. I hope you enjoy. Pop over to Facebook when you have a chance. I’ll be uploading pics all week, giving you a snapshot of our move.

Today’s guest is Vivienne from The V Spot and I have to tell you, I am extremely flattered that she agreed to do this. I really do look up to her and consider her a blogger mentor. She is a truly amazing  mom to three wonderful boys and an insanely creative crafter. Thanks Viv!

Hi Scrappy Housewife readers!  I’m Vivienne from The V Spot and I am really happy to be filling in for Christina today!


I am a big fan of thrift stores and garage sales, and I am always looking at things with hmmmm what could I do to that…? running through my mind.  One of my favorite transformations was this strange pink bowl that I picked up at my local Goodwill.

It clearly had a lid at some point in its life, but the lid was missing and there was a chip on the top of it.
Oh…  And it was pink.

Who has ever heard of pink cabbage?!  The only time I have seen cabbage that had a pink tinge to it, it was because I had left it to rot in the bottom of the veggie crisper drawer.  (Don’t you judge me!  Everyone knows that the crisper drawers are where produce goes to be forgotten and die!)

Anyhow, I took it home, sprayed a primer on it…

At this point I am sure there are some of you feeling fairly uncomfortable with my choice, but that’s probably because you think I am planning on using it as a bowl for food.  Never fear, I plan to use it as a springtime floral container or as a planter.

After the primer dried, I busted out the acrylic paint… and blooped a big ‘ole dollop of celery green directly onto the bowl.  (That’s right… Bloop it’s a technical painting term.)

I used a small amount over the entire bowl, continuing to dry brush the paint in areas where it was a little uneven.  I wanted to make sure you could see brush strokes and imperfections.

From here, and even while it was still a little wet, I took it out to my spray paint area.  I balanced it upside down on another can of spray paint.

Here is where you need to forget everything you’ve ever learned about proper spray paint application.  You’re going to take a can of clear, gloss lacquer or sealant, and you are going to spray heavy coat upon heavy coat of clear gloss on this baby.  Yes, it’ll drip.  Yes, it’ll run… but since it’s upside down, it’ll be running up.  Leave it for a day or two.

When it’s completely dry, it will look like it’s fired ceramic, not like acrylic paint on an orphaned Goodwill bowl.

I think it’ll look really cute with little pansies planted in it, or some tulips… but all I have today are cuttings from my roses.   Anyhow, for a $4.99 Goodwill save and materials that I had on hand, I’m pretty happy with the end result.

Thanks for having me over, Christina! You can find me at The V Spot, on Twitter and on Facebook.


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