Another easy way to save (especially on fresh foods) is to be conscious about not being wasteful. If you spend good money on fresh and organic foods, don’t throw half of it out because it spoiled! Get creative before that happens!

We’ve already talked about buying in bulk and freezing, but you should also learn to reinvent your leftovers. Hubby and I are big foodies so we find it fun and relaxing to try to create meals around our leftover ingredients. We’re not always successful (and sometimes we end up tossing half a pepper or something…) but we’re improving! Here are two of our favorite leftover makeovers:

Turkey Noodle Soup

Click HERE for our Turkey Noodle Soup recipe. It’s great for post Thanksgiving leftovers! Since it’s just the two of us we always have a ton.

Ham and Potato Soup

Click HERE for our Ham and Potato Soup recipe. When we can get a great deal on hams we cook it up and freeze the rest!

Some other ways to reuse your leftovers –

  1. It seems obvious, but take last night’s dinner to lunch.
  2. Make last night’s homemade tacos into today’s taco salad. I just crush some tortilla chips in a bowl and layer on the cold leftovers. The “dressing” is a quick spoonful of salsa.
  3. Use Sunday’s pork roast to make pulled pork sandwiches on Monday.
While you’re at it, if you get a killer deal on meat or fresh veggies, find a recipe that sounds great and make a double batch. Eat one and freeze one for later. It’ll save you time and money later on since you won’t be driving through somewhere on a night when you don’t feel like cooking. 

I would also like to suggest that you invest in a FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer. It will keep your frozen leftovers fresh for much longer than a regular Ziploc bag. It’s another one of those items that will be an investment up front but will be used so much that it’s worth the extra expense.

Being a sensible saver means being sensible with your resources. Great deals are only great deals if you aren’t tossing them in the trash because you haven’t used them. Use it up!


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