I wrote this last night just after we lost power.

I’m laying here on the bed and it’s midnight, October 30th. Right now, Sandy is upon us and we are without power. I figured now was as good a time as any (considering that I can’t sleep) to go ahead and give you my final thoughts on sensible saving.

The point that all these extreme shows seem to miss is that couponing and being a diligent saver is supposed to make your life better, and while they might mention it, they don’t focus on it.

*You* should.

Why bother doing all of that clipping and shopping and storing if you’re going to live in a house so stocked you can’t move or lose time with your family because you’re too busy looking for deals? That’s ridiculous. I hope that I’ve managed to show you that you can save big without giving up too much of your time, without
stockpiling crap food or sub par products, and without losing your sanity.

Let’s take one last look at some of my tips for saving big:

  • Plan ahead and stick with a list when shopping
  • Make a list of target prices for the things you buy most – and strive to hit your target price each time you shop
  • Be open minded. Try new brands! Avoid brand loyalty
  • By in season for the best deals on produce. Know what produce is “in season” in your local area during the year
  • Buy in bulk. Bulk organic grains are far cheaper than their boxed counterparts. Healthier too! 
  • Remember to combine sales with coupons to get the best deals
  • Make sure you have store savings cards for the places you shop most frequently and remember to use them!
  • Always, always, always Do The Math. Check your unit price and shop around.
Tomorrow I’ll have a resource list for you to close out our series. Included will be some resources to help you further your voyage into savings. 
I hope I’ve been helpful, even if only a little.


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