Y’all, it’s a new year! I have so much planned for this year…and I’ll be writing about all of that, AND catching you up on where the heck I’ve been (buried under laundry…seriously, you should’ve called out the hounds…), and how our Christmas went. It’s all coming soon!

Before I get to all of that though, I have to share something I’m crazy excited about. If you’ve never read One Artsy Mama‘s blog, you’re missing out. I’ll fully admit I do a lot of lurking over there. I don’t comment nearly enough (or at all some months, but man I should!). Anywho, my good blog (and irl) buddy Eva @ Tales of the Scotts tipped me off to it and it has been so helpful!

One of my favorite parts of Amy’s blog is her Growing Your Blog series where she shares tips for making your blog more successful in simple, workable ways.

This is where my crazy excitement comes in – Amy is offering blog mentoring! I’m signing up to get one on one and small group mentoring for our little home here – The Scrappy Housewife!

I truly want to grow the blog, and I want to help all of you. I don’t ever need to have some crazy huge following (though hey, I wouldn’t turn it down!), I just want to know I’m constantly growing, getting better, helping more – and I really, truly believe Amy can help me with that!

I’m hoping that through her 12 week mentoring session I’ll learn how to engage my readers more, improve my networking skills, and bring you a better (more frequent!) blog!

If you’re a blogger and want to check out the mentoring program CLICK HERE.

If you’d like to check out her Growing Your Blog series CLICK HERE.

I can’t wait to get started!


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