Hey y’all! It’s time for today’s Shop Small Business Week post! Today’s shop? Janery. Janery is run by Jane of the blog The Borrowed Abode (hence the name) and if I’m totally honest, Jane is a good friend of mine and I also help her out on her blog from time to time. So, I haven’t been paid or compensated in any way for posting this – but I just wanted to put that out there to be completely up front. I just really like her stuff and I have included her items in my Small Biz round up every year – long before I began helping her out! 
One of the coolest things about Jane and her line of pillows, pet beds and accessory items is her focus on fair labor and ethical shopping. She does all she can to make sure even the materials she uses are produced under fair labor practices. For more information on her passion for ethical shopping you should poke around her blog (which is also chock full of ideas for living in and improving your rental home). You can find The Borrowed Abode here

Let’s check out some of my faves:

One of the things I love about her items is the fabric. She gets the best stuff!

I love this iPad cover! Check out that color! And those sunglasses!

Y’all know I have a thing for retro, so you know this pet bed is right up my alley! What pup wouldn’t want this?

Pop over and check out Janery by clicking here. Happy handmade shopping!


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