I think it’s kind of appropriate that it’s Mental Health Awareness month and I’ve decided to hop back into the writing fray. Writing – not blogging – a distinction I’ll make in another post soon, but I digress.

Y’all, I’m a hot mess. Depression saps all motivation that I have some days and the other days I’m so focused on doing everything for everyone else (something I’m working on). It’s…well, it’s a mess. As I said. 😉

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to participate in this B+ Goals thing for awhile. Have you read Sarah R. Bagley’s blog? Y’all I want to be her when I grow up. (And she’s younger than me! So frustrating…kidding!) She has this philosophy that as a recovering perfectionist “done is better than perfect”. Some days – ok most days – I need that reminder. Each month she sets a list of goals that are considered “B+”, no perfectionism, no stressing over whether it’s the best, just getting things done. I feel like I need that. As part of that there’s a link up, and so here I am. I thought I’d share with you my first round of B+ Goals for this month.

Now, the perfectionist in me is screaming “BUT IT’S MAY! IT’S NOT EVEN JANUARY!” and I’m slightly panicking, but let’s make this work.

1. Read 1 book.

Last year, after reading The Fringe Hours, I made it a priority to read more for “me” time and I loved it, so I want to keep that up this year. So far so good, but it’s always in my calendar as a reminder.

2. Finish home inventory & manuals file. 

This is one I’ve been stressing on. I hate filing and cleaning out filing, and bleh the piles of paper that are everywhere in my house. This project has sat in my living room untouched for way longer than I want to admit. I worked a bit on it last weekend, but there’s still a ways to go and I want to get it done. I think (I hope) it’s finally clicking and I can take this off my never ending list.

3. Declutter the kitchen drawers.

OK not all of them. But there are 3 or 4 that need a good purge and organizing and I have a “bonus” week in my cleaning routine for May so I’m hoping to tackle this then.

4. Try 1 new healthy recipe.

We’ve been trying (and succeeding) at losing weight and I want to add more healthy meals to our rotation so I thought this would be a good idea.

5. Set up herb garden and my new potting bench.

Preferably not in that order. 😉

6. Finish the gallery wall in our basement stairwell. 

This is another one that’s been on the list for awhile and it’s about half finished. I want to get the other half done so it doesn’t continue to look goofy.

What about you? What are your goals for this month? I’ll fill you in on my progress in future posts.

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