Upcoming Blog Posts to Watch For

Hubby woke me up way too early this morning so I’m posting early too. I guess he has your back. 😉 I’ll take it though because it gives me an opportunity to share with you some projects and link ups I am/will be taking part in.First up, we have The Scintilla Project. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be receiving and responding to blog prompts for the next two weeks. It’ll hopefully be a way to let you get to know me in all my flawed glory. (Glory…ha! I crack myself up.) The purpose of the project is to grow as a writer and share my story with my readers while exploring my true voice as a writer. Want to know more? Click on the button above.Next, we have Project Life 2012. I’m a scrapbooker – this is no secret. What you may not know is that I’m horribly backlogged. I scrap hoard…

Inspiration Point

These items are inspiration for a new project I’m working on. Can you guess what the pink thing is? I’ll be sharing the outcome soon. (Just as soon as my pinched nerve resolves itself and I can do heavy lifting…hehe.) What do you find inspiration in?