Simple Southern Sides for Thanksgiving – Deviled Eggs

This post is part of a blog hop hosted by Kirsten at Sweet Tea and Saving Grace. To see all of the submissions for this hop, check out the link up below. Do you guys have any food traditions for Thanksgiving? For me, it’s things like my mom’s deviled eggs or her pear salad, or even her dressing or potato salad. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of “cooking” with my mom on the holidays. I don’t think she ever used a recipe and I was happy to be “taste tester”. When she died a few years ago, it became really important to me to carry on her traditions – especially food. Knowing that I have her food at my holiday table makes me feel like she’s there with us as we celebrate. (Did you know that that’s how our departed family members “visit”? As long as you…

Simplifying Thanksgiving

Hey y’all, Happy Thanksgiving week!Around here I’m still in “simplify” mode and this week that means making the upcoming holiday as simple as humanly possible. I thought maybe some of you might want some “simple” in your life this week too.Here’s what I’m doing to make the holiday run a little more smoothly (I hope…).Like most of you, I make a shopping list prior to the holiday, but this year I decided to work it a little differently. I’m combining my menu and shopping list into one long list. Each item on the menu has it’s list of ingredients listed below it. I took a minute to pull together all of my Thanksgiving recipes (the ones that aren’t in my head, anyway) and list every item needed to prepare that dish even if it’s needed in another recipe as well.Once I had my list compiled I took it and a basket…

Thankful Week 4

Well it’s the last Monday of November and I am thankful for a lot of things. Mostly, I’m thankful for all those leftovers that can be frozen and stored for later use. (I made a 12 lb turkey for two people. It was a little crazy. Turkey soup anyone?) I’m also thankful for a very patient hubby who went out with me at *midnight* on Black Friday. Yep, I’m one of those crazy people. And Kohl’s was cra-zay. Let me just tell you. It was nuts! I’m also thankful for good childhood memories and looking forward to seeing the new Muppet’s movie. Just the thought of seeing it on the big screen makes me giggle like a little girl again.I’m also thankful for time spent with family and friends this past weekend. It was crazy busy, but so worth it. Especially getting time to spend with my husband’s family and how…

Thankful Week 3

Well, it’s Thanksgiving week, so I certainly have being thankful on the brain. Here’s what I’m thankful for today (and always). 1. A husband who is patient and kind. 2. My ability to save us money while grocery shopping. As a result I had to organize my freezer to fit everything in! What a problem to have!3. Friends and family who love me.4. The blogging community that I’ve become part of in the last year.5. And especially all of you – for reading, encouraging and supporting The Scrappy Housewife in all the crazy adventures I’ve gone on since I started blogging. You guys are the best. :)Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful Week 2

I’m participating in Becky @ Organizing Made Fun’s A Month of Thankful Mondays. Today, I am thankful for the following:1. An organized freezer. (Yep, really…)2. The crafting time I had this weekend.3. A squeaky clean puppy. (Seriously, he was starting to stank! Whooo!) 4. My Hubs help in all of the above.What are you thankful for this week?


Each Monday this month Becky @ Organizing Made Fun is sharing what she’s thankful for and encouraging us to do the same, so here’s what I’m thankful for today:1. Rest – because after today, I’m going to need it!2. A patient husband who cooks dinner while I’m trying to finish up the rest of my housework and blogging responsibilities. 3. The little warm front moving through that’s gotten us back up into the 60s after snow two weeks ago.What are you thankful for?