One of the questions I’m asked most often is, “What are double coupons and how do I get them? How do I double?”

First of all, let’s talk about what double coupons are.

Most of the time when you hear “double coupons” it means that when you use your manufacturer’s coupon for 50¢ the store will double it by adding 50¢ making your savings a dollar.

My favorite stores, Wegmans and Giant double coupons up to 99¢. This means that they’ll double my 99¢ coupon – making my savings worth $1.98. Exciting stuff right? You clipped one coupon and it counted as double!

Here’s an example:
Dawn detergent – 99¢
Manufacturer’s Coupon – 20¢
Store Doubles Coupon – 20¢
Final Price = 59¢ (40% savings)

Sometimes, when stores say they will double your coupons up to 99¢ that means that while they’ll double your coupon, they won’t do a true double if the amount will end up being more than 99¢. This is more rare, but it does happen.

Scrubbing Bubbles – $2.50
Manufacturer’s Coupon – 75¢
Store Doubles ONLY up to a dollar so they add 24¢ making the value of your coupon 99¢
Final Price = $1.51

If this had been a true double scenario:
Scrubbing Bubbles – $2.50
Manu. Coup – 75¢
Store Double Value – 75¢
Final Price = $1.00

I’m going to be honest, I’ve never seen doubling happen that way, but through my travels in the couponing community I have heard of it.

More notes about Doubling:

  • Not every store doubles. 
  • Even chains that double may not consistently offer doubling at every store/location. One of the big chains in my area gives each store the discretion to do as they will with the corporate policy.
  • I have bad news for you if you live in the southeast (especially Florida) – most stores in that region don’t offer doubling. From what I’ve read and observed double coupons are far more prevalent in the northeast, midwest and northwest – but don’t quote me. I’m not familiar with every chain out there.
  • Some stores – even in places where doubling isn’t available – offer special days or weeks when they double coupons. K-mart is famous for this. 
  • Some stores also sometimes offer a special store coupon that will allow you to double coupons on that trip to the store. Keep an eye out.
  • Not every coupon can be doubled. Some specifically say in the coupon terms that it is not subject to doubling. Just because the coupon says it can’t be doubled does not mean your store won’t give you the double value for it though. Stores are reimbursed by the manufacturer for the face value of the coupon plus 8¢ for handling. Many stores will take the loss on the doubled amount because they know they’re making money off of you just getting you in the store.
Triple Coupons

I’ve seen it happen, but it is extremely rare. 
Who Doubles?

Here is a list of which stores double – but I’ll fully admit that it is not a complete list. If you have a store in your area that you know doubles coupons let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.
Giant Eagle
K-mart (special days only)
Harris Teeter (even in FL where doubling is almost non-existent)
From reader Carole: Meijer doubles coupons up to $.50″
Questions? Comments? I would love to hear from you!

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