One of the biggest complaints I hear from people who know I’m nuts about coupons is, “But I don’t have time to clip all of those coupons!” I hear you. It does take dedicated time, and if you’re busy it seems impossible. So let’s take some time today and build in some strategies for saving that don’t require clipping and keeping track of coupons.

  1. Shopper’s Club Cards – Make sure you’re signed up and have a shopper’s card for each of your favorite grocery stores and drug stores. You can easily save 30% each week by only buying items that are on sale with club card. That’s 30% without clipping a single coupon!
  2. eCoupons – One of my favorite local grocery stores offers coupons online that you can attach to your store card. Manufacturers coupons – no clipping required! (Here’s a link for one of many sites that offer electronic coupons – CLICK HERE.)
  3. Apps – As with everything else these days, most stores have apps and many of those apps boast coupons that you can scan straight from your phone. Check to see if your favorite stores have any apps and you might find savings you don’t have to even think about!
  4. Text Coupons. I’ve mentioned it before, but I love coupons via text. Target sends me store coupons via text every couple of weeks. All I have to do is remember to check them while I’m shopping. CLICK HERE to sign up.
  5. Get a barcode scanner app and Google Shopper. With my barcode scanner on my phone, I can scan a barcode and then, using Google Shopper, check prices at other local stores to find the best price for what I want. If the barcode can’t be found in Shopper, it gives me the option to search online too. It has stopped me from wasting money more than once!
Saving money isn’t all about coupons. It’s about saving everywhere you possibly can. Every little bit helps. Be smart. Be diligent. You can rock this!

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