Hey y’all! It’s time for the weekly wrap up. In case you missed it, I did blog about other things this week – you know, stuff besides coupons.

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Now on to reader questions:

Jeneane P. asked: “When are deals for gift card with purchase really a deal?”

Basically, I don’t consider gift card “bonuses” as a bonus unless I’m paying less than what the gift card will be worth. An example – if I have to pay $20 to get $5 back on a gift card and either I don’t need the product or can’t reduce the sale or regular price down by at least 30%, it’s not worth it to me. Also, please realize that some stores run those gift card deals on regular priced items. Not even a sale price! This is where you really need to create that target list of prices. If the gift card back will bring down the regular price to around your target price per item, then it might not be a bad idea.

Generally, I don’t participate in those offers unless they are on a sale price and I have a coupon AND can get the gift card back on the sale.

Jeneane also commented earlier in the week that while she has a designated spot for her coupons and remembers to clip and put them away, they often stay there until they are expired. My advice? Get a small coupon file from the grocery store and keep it in your purse or mommy bag. When you clip, that’s where they go. And that’s where they stay. Coupons aren’t any good if you aren’t taking them to the store!

I’d also like to give a special shout out to a couple of other commenters this week:

First, to Karissa who posted a comment back on Monday. She’s a mom and a military wife working hard (oh so hard) to become a better saver. Karissa, my mom was a military wife and I have only the utmost respect for you. I’m not sure if you’re here in the states or deployed overseas. If you’re out of the country, but still shop at the PX or the Commissary – here’s a special tip just for you – they allow you to use expired coupons for 6 months after the expiry date. And please tell your husband thank you for his service. Without families like yours and men and women who do what they do every day our world would be very, very different. I hope this series will continue to help and inspire you.

And second (but never, ever last), my best friend since the 10th grade and partner in crime Marie, who has posted on just about every coupon post because she’s just as nuts about ’em as I am – Thanks Girl!

Keep those questions and comments coming and have a great night!


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