OK, this post comes with a warning – for some of you, today is going to be one of the hardest things to swallow. In the interest of being honest with you, I have to say that up front. We all have favorite brands or products that we just do not want to stray from – I get you. Really. But hear me out.

In the quest to be a mega saver I’ve read a ton books, ebooks, articles and pamphlets and I’ve even taken a couponing class and they all say you can’t save big and stay brand loyal.

I have to agree with that – to an extent. I think the better philosophy is just to be open to trying new things that are on sale and you have a coupon for. There are some things I won’t give up. Though now that I think about it, it’s hard to come up with an example of something I couldn’t live without. I guess I’ve grown as a saver a lot more than I thought.

Let’s look at an example:

Up until recently, I’ve been really addicted to my Clinique Face Wash Gel. It costs $16.50 for 6.7 oz. (about $2.50 per ounce) but one bottle would last me six months. It was one of those instances where buying the high end stuff for a little more made sense to me. 
Then, through the magic of Facebook, I received a sample of Simple cleansing cloths – a new brand I had seen but not tried. I loved the cloths for removing my make up so when I saw a trial size for the gel wash at Walgreens, I grabbed it. I can tell you that I love it just as much, if not more than my precious Clinique. The best part? It’s way cheaper and I can get coupons! Each bottle of the Simple brand is $6.99 for 5 oz. (about $1.39 per ounce). I was able to get my hands on some $2.00 off coupons recently too which made my purchase price $4.99 or about a dollar per ounce. The bottle is a little smaller but since the 6.7 ounce Clinique lasted me about 6 months, and I’m using the same amount of product per wash I expect to go through the Simple bottles in about the same time.
Bottom line? Since I was willing to try a new product, I found something that’s just as good for a lot less. 
In order to save big you have to keep an open mind. I’ll never tell you to give up all of your favorite brands just to save a buck, but you should strive to find alternatives for those brands you are loyal to so that when your fave isn’t on sale, you have options.

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