It’s awesome right??

So this year for Christmas, my handsome hubby asked for an elliptical machine as his only gift. I was more than happy to oblige him and found a killer deal online for one, but then, I had to figure out where the heck to put it. (In hindsight I probably should’ve figured that out first, but ah well…)

He suggested the guest room, but I figured that our guests may¬†not appreciate his early morning work outs. ūüėČ The only other space that was even remotely feasible was our home office, but it houses a HUGE desk and four¬†bookshelves. I didn’t really think it would fit with all that stuff. Something had to go and the desk was it. But then what would we do with all of our home office stuff? (“Stuff” is a recurring theme in this space sadly, but we’ll get to that later.)

Our solution has been to transform that awesome¬†(she says with as much sarcasm as she can muster) closet above into our new home office. Let’s take a look at some of my least¬†favorite features of the space.


In order to accommodate the stairwell below the closet, the builders put a step inside¬†the closet. Yeah. Also? The closet isn’t a rectangle. Oh no. It’s got one end that’s all funky angles.

When I posted a picture of the closet on Instagram last week I mentioned that I had (at the time) four days to get ready for the delivery of the elliptical. Yeah. It showed up early. And it’s now sitting in my living room floor.
Pray for me y’all. I’ll be back Wednesday with an update.

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